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Answers In Action & Gretchen Passantino Launch New Feature

As Answers In Action & I renew our ministry of Christian apologetics, theology, & biblical doctrine, we are adding new features to enrich your knowledge & experience of God’s Word through rational inquiry. This is one!

Like, share, follow & request e-mail updates for the newest Answers In Action publications. We will address old issues in new ways,  new issues in timeless ways, & revisit classic issues with classic responses.

If you’ve known me &/or Answers In Action in the past, you know your time reading our features is an investment in your theological growth. If you’re new to us, you are in for a treat as you are exposed to strong biblical apologetics & theology communicated in clear, persuasive content.

Looking forward to an additional ministry outreach!

Gretchen Passantino

Co-Founder, Director

Answers In Action